Episode 2.7 - Lonely Souls

Cait & Murda return to Twin Peaks this week and HOLY SHIT WE FIND OUT WHO KILLED LAURA PALMER!!!! Also, it is pretty much confirmed that Laura had a magical vagina, and Ben Horne couldn't get enough of it. Side note: we solve the mystery of where names come from and pitch the movie: Name Girls. Come celebrate this great reveal with our signature cocktail, The Laura Palmer. Make sure you are caught up on our other recaps, because spoiler alert (obvs). Don't forget to subscribe to our mothership podcast, There Will Be Drinking and follow us on Instagram @ThereWillBeDrinking, on Twitter @TWBDPodcast, like us on Facebook @ Facebook.com/TWBDPodcast and email us at TWBDPodcast@gmail.com.

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