Episode 2.5 - The Orchid's Curse

Cait & Murda return to Twin Peaks this week and we try to find some goddman secrets! The angsty teen dum-dums come up with interesting sleuthing plans at Harold Smith's crazy farm, but we're also kind of warming up to Donna. Wonder team Truman and Cooper devise a plan to rescue Audrey from One Eyed Jack's, but it is really Deputy Hawk saving the day. Make some tea infused bourbon, shake up a fresh Laura Palmer, and catch up on our other recaps before you listen. Don't forget to subscribe to our mothership podcast, There Will Be Drinking and follow us on Instagram @ThereWillBeDrinking, on Twitter @TWBDPodcast, like us on Facebook @ Facebook.com/TWBDPodcast and email us at TWBDPodcast@gmail.com.

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