Episode 2.15 - Slaves And Masters

Cait & Murda return to Twin Peaks this week and Diane Keaton brings us on a long strange trip, man! Things seem to be resolving themselves though as Ben Horne's racism reenactment is cured, Big Ed/Norma/Nadine/Hank love quadrangle seems to be clarified, and things come to head at the Marsh Sex Mansion. Grab yourself a Laura Palmer, dear listeners, and get to listening to this latest recap episode. And as always...spoiler alert. Don't forget to subscribe to our mothership podcast, There Will Be Drinking and follow us on Instagram @ThereWillBeDrinking, on Twitter @TWBDPodcast, like us on Facebook @ Facebook.com/TWBDPodcast and email us at TWBDPodcast@gmail.com.

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